If you are preparing your next meal for your family and friends, outdoor activities “are best,” according to CDC.gov guidelines. So, if you can prepare your food outdoors, as with the Quick-Start Portable Grill, you’ve taken it a huge step further. Remarkably, the QuickStart Grill uses real charcoals but no lighter fluid or harsh chemicals within the charcoal to work.

Here’s the best part.

The Quick-Start Portable Grill, or the Barrel Quick-Start Grill, uses an ingenious heating element to kickstart the cooking process, reaching about 950 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows the charcoal to ignite faster—cooking in just 6 six minutes while heating the charcoal more evenly. It’s no wonder why this grill has become a favorite for campers, tail-gaiters, and the like, leveraging the convenience of outdoor grilling, cooking in less time, and awesome, chemical-free flavor. You can finally put the lighter fluid away…permanently.

People ask, “can anyone operate this amazing grill?” “Yes, of course!” Sure, the heating element requires supervision, but the idea is that once it is used to ignite the coals, it can be unplugged, allowing the charcoal to do the rest of the work. So, add your mesquite wood chips or other favorite BBQ add-ons to get the most of your next steak or pork chop because you’ll be eating sooner rather than waiting around for the coals to catch up. That’s why people love this grill so much—safety, convenience, easy to use, and yes, even eco-friendly.

So gather your friends and family and get outdoors. Take advantage of 950-degree heating at your fingertips to quick-start your BBQ even in cooler weather. It’s simply the right product at the right time.

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