Lighter fluid is used in lighters. It is a highly flammable liquid, which is why it is ideal for use in cigarette lighters as well as other forms of lighters. This fluid is not only flammable, but it is extremely poisonous as well. This is why it is important to not ingest lighter fluid. It can also be dangerous if it gets on your skin or in your eyes. Hydrocarbons are found in lighter fluid and this is what makes it so dangerous. The hydrocarbons in lighter fluid include the following:

  • Butane
  • Benzene
  • Lacolene
  • Hexamine
  • Naphtha
  • Propane

If you or someone that you are with ingests lighter fluid, it is important to seek medical attention. You should consult a medical physician for any type of treatment because it can be quite dangerous. If you break open a lighter or if you accidentally ingest lighter fluid or even get it on your skin or in your eyes and you start to feel bad, it is important that you go to the doctor immediately. If you swallowed it, a doctor will know how best to proceed.