Portable Grill

Automatic Starting Charcoal Grill ⏱ Ready to Cook in 6 Minutes!

Quick Start Grill allows charcoal grilling quickly without the hassle — perfect for your fast-paced world.

Our portable charcoal grill uniformly self-ignites charcoal in six minutes without the use of lighter fluid, gas, or any other flammable material.

Quick-Start Grill:
  • Patented
  • UL approved
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ignites uniformly
  • Utilizes entire cooking grid
  • Un-compromised great charcoal taste
Easy to use:
  • Pour in a layer of charcoal
  • Plug it in
  • Wait approximately six minutes
  • Unplug and cook!

How it works:

Charcoal briquettes ignite at 660 degrees Fahrenheit. The portable charcoal grill heating element reaches its highest temperature (around 950 degrees Fahrenheit) in 3- 4 minutes. This allows the charcoal to ignite faster, and the predetermined configuration of the element starts the charcoal uniformly

Meet the Quick-Start Grill Family:


Quick-Start Portable Grill

The patented Quick Start Grill Uniformly Self-Ignites the Charcoal for you in 6 to 7 Minutes without the use of lighter fluid, gas, or any other flammable materials

Barrel Quick-Start Grill

Coming Soon! The big brother to our Quickstart Portable Grill offers the same features as our portable grill, this barrel grill has a larger grilling surface making it perfect for at-home grilling, events and commercial and mobile food-service applications. Estimated availability date January 2021.

News, Notes & More

"This Quick Start Grill is mind-blowing I know how hard to light the charcoal without these chemicals like gas, lighter or plastic you can't light the charcoal but using this you can easily light the charcoal automatically you can save a lot of money and time."
"I love this quick grill. It is great to know that the grill can get started with easily ignitable charcoal blocks and we don't need to wait around to start eating quickly. This is great for family outing at camp and to get dinner ready quickly."

~ Steem Hunt

"I just got my hands on the Quick Start Grill and I’m so impressed ! It lit my coals in 6 minutes and I didn’t have to use any starters or lighter fluid!"

~ Liz Millian | Woodland Hills, California

"Totally impressed with this Grill , fast grilling , light weight and very convenient to use . I've given my friends from Florida the Bradenton and Sarasota area your site. Don't be surprised if get additional orders."

~ Donna Paylor | West Bradenton, Florida

"I love using the Quick Start Grill, its so easy to use!"

~ Media Mizori | Lansing, Michigan

"Charcoal grills are renowned for their ability to infuse foods with a premium flavor but can be difficult to deal with, so the Quick Start Grill has been developed to help offer chefs with an easier option."

"The unit is designed with a self-igniting functionality that will have it ready for cooking meals in just six minutes or less without the need to struggle with kindling or fire starter. The grill will also extinguish itself after chefs are done cooking, which further enhances the ease of use that the unit has to put a focus on automatic functionality."

"The Quick Start Grill is a more eco-friendly alternative to conventional charcoal grilling solution because of its ability to be quickly ignited and extinguished to limit emissions."

~ Trend Hunter

"In no time you will become a grill master with the Quick Start Grill, it makes cooking effortless and delicious"

~ Gadget User