Portable Charcoal Grill

UL Recognized Heating Element #E509599

Ready to charcoal grill in 6 minutes

Environmentally Friendly

6 MINUTES Automatic Charcoal Starting Grill

Quick Start Grill Uniformly Self-Ignites Charcoal In Six Minutes Without The Use Of Lighter Fluid, Gas, Or Any Other Flammable Material.

Quick Start Grill allows charcoal grilling quickly without the hassle — perfect for your fast-paced world.

It is easy to use:
– pour in a layer of charcoal
– plug it in
– wait approximately six minutes
– unplug and cook!

Quick Start Grill: 


-UL Recognized Heating Element #E509599

-Environmentally friendly 

-Ignites uniformly 

-Utilizes entire cooking grid

-Un-compromised great charcoal taste 



All U.S. orders will be shipped out in 3 business days!

Lithium Battery

This is a special battery: 120 volt, 1500 watts, that is especially built to start our powerful heating element. Our grills can be only started on 120 volt wall socket or our 120 volt, 1500 watts battery. The battery can be used 4 times before needing to recharge. It will take about 6-7 hours to recharge battery. 

How It Works?

Charcoal briquettes ignite at 660 degrees Fahrenheit. The Quick Start Grill heating element reaches its highest temperature (around 950 degrees Fahrenheit) in 3- 4 minutes. This allows the charcoal to ignite faster, and the predetermined configuration of the element starts the charcoal uniformly.

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