About US

Our Quick Start Grill Family Mission is to bring you the Best Charcoal / Wood Grill that is Safe, Convenient, Efficient, Time Saving, and Easy to Use. Our most important Core belief is Honesty above all. We believe in working as a team to achieve our main goal, which is to have Happy Satisfied Customers.


A. (Safer) Since there is no lighter fluid or gas, there isn’t any highly flammable materials that are used. No burning of your eye brows or worse! No need to deal with spreading the hot coals around or having to put the cooking grid on top of the hot coals to start cooking.


B. (Convenient) With the Quick Start Grill, the charcoal is ready to cook in 6 to 7 minutes. It starts uniformly so all surface area of the cooking grid can be utilized for convenient cooking. Since it saves time, you can have a fully cooked charcoal grilled steak in 15 minutes without the taste of lighter fluid.


C. (Easy to Use) All you have to do is put a layer of charcoal and plug it in – approximately 6 minutes unplug and cook.


D. (Efficient) Because charcoal starts quickly and you can put out the charcoal after you finish cooking, you can use the uncooked charcoal briquettes in your next usage or add less charcoal. This allows less carbon emission into the environment.


E. (Eco-friendly) Since there is no lighter fluid, there is no need to waist charcoal burn time to get rid of the fluid. Instead charcoal is ready to use when it catches on fire. With Quick Start Grill it only takes 6 minutes because the heating element reaches 950 F. in 3 to 4 minutes. Charcoal is burned a lot more efficiently and less carbon is put into the environment. 


Our heating elements are UL (Underwriter Laboratory) tested and registered. Our company is licensed and registered in the state of Louisiana under Quick Start Grill Inc. We are a true believer in our product and look forward to sharing the benefits with all of our customers. Thank you in advance for all your support!